Artist Display Guide


First impressions are important when displaying your work. Even the highest quality of work can be overlooked if your display lacks customer appeal within the presentation. An eye catching and well thought out display will draw your customers in to see exactly what you have to offer.

Here are a few tips for creating your visual presentation.

  • Display tables must be covered with clean, ironed, solid coloured material to within one inch of the floor.
  • Choose fabrics and decor that will compliment your work using colour and or texture.
  • Plastic table cloths are not acceptable.
  • Stored items such as boxes and extra inventory must be placed under the tables and thus out of sight.
  • To enhance your work, avoid clutter.
  • Create levels using crates, boxes or shelves to display your work. Create a three dimensional display.
  • Compliment the season with a few well placed seasonal items.
  • Encourage sales by displaying your pieces in a way that may demonstrate how they may be used.
  • Be imaginative in the use of props e.g. crates, wooden boxes, coat racks, bowls, vases etc.
  • Grouping of items in odd numbers; 3’s, 5s……, is visually pleasing.
  • Make sure your display is easily accessible.
  • Light will enhance items. Remember to request access to an electrical outlet if you are using lighting.
  • Be vigilant and aware of the possibility of attempted theft.
  • Lastly, have fun and remember that your work is ‘the star of the show’ so present it in the best possible way.